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At Tukx, we believe in the freedom of choice.

Wear what you want.

When you want.


It all began on a typical winter day in downtown Montreal.  Trendy, young individuals attempting to enjoy their lunch hour; their hour of freedom.  With snow and slush on the streets, some sadly resorted to wearing plastic bags over their shoes to try and stay dry and protected from the elements.


As Montrealers, we have been well trained to survive life in all four seasons.  Winter is an especially harsh one and dressing for it can be a difficult task.


Backed by its patented technology, Tukx overshoes is activewear, developed to easily go over your shoe of choice, providing reliable and discreet protection for your shoes, socks, and pants.  Its flexible design stretches and fits over a wide variety of shoes.  Its trademark versatility comes from its lightweight and foldable construction which allows you to carry it around and slip it on whenever need be.


STOP the insanity!

Winter...many of us have a ton of gear to get through it.  But, undoubtedly you’ve looked at your boots and thought of several excuses not to wear them.  Possibly they’re too heavy, too clunky, too bulky, too rigid, too hot, or simply you are just way more comfortable in your regular shoes.


Now take a moment…wouldn’t it be great if you could get all the protection you needed from your boots, and still wear the shoes you are most comfortable in?


Seems too good to be true??

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

With Tukx, you get the performance of activewear.  Enjoy the freedom to walk, jog and cycle while receiving superior protection compared to heavier, less comfortable alternatives.

STOP lugging your shoes separately to work, school, or the gym.

STOP sitting through class in salt-stained jeans, wet socks and wet sneakers.


STOP wasting time and money on dry cleaning, and on replacing shoes and clothes after a tough winter season.

STOP getting your shoes and socks soaked every time you cycle through the city.

​STOP wearing rubbers or overshoes that are impossible to get on and off and that barely provide protection.

STOP being uncomfortable and creasing your pants every time you tuck them into your boots.


STOP destroying your favourite pair of sneakers every winter.​

STOP showing up to meetings in boots and having to change into your shoes...or even worse, sitting through the meeting in your boots.

We could go on and on...but finally...

STOP compromising on comfort or protection.  How about comfort AND protection!

​IT'S TIME!  STOP the insanity!


Take your first step in Tukx, and leave winter in your tracks...

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